Wrath Of A Thousand Flus

Ok, well, right now I’m only dealing with the wrath of one flu, but I’m overdramatic, so sue me. When you’re sick it’s hard to even think of staying fit, so should you go to the gym when you’re ill? NO. Just trust me, it’s easy to guilt yourself into believing that you should work out even if you’re not feeling your normal 100%. Don’t get me wrong, taking a brisk walk when you think you may be getting a head cold is very different from doing a hot yoga class while you have the flu. KNOW YOUR BODY’S LIMITS. flu-man-sick-gym-main The more you let your body rest, the faster it will get better, and you can get on with your regular work-out. If you keep over-exerting yourself you’ll just prolong your sickness. Seriously, sleep is pretty much the best cure for anything (besides laughter I guess). flu-sleeping_cat1 So you shouldn’t go to the gym when you have the flu, pretty obvious to most, although some people need to be reminded. This does not mean that you should resort to comfort food and unhealthy eating habits. Actually, being sick is a great excuse to do a detox of some kind. Hopefully you get to take work off, so all you’re doing all day is sleeping or watching Netflix – an excellent opportunity to pay attention to your water intake. Lemon water is not only tasty, but very good for your immune system. flu-lemon water Soups and oatmeal are another perk of being sick. Now, you may not have the wherewithal at the moment to make a hearty homemade soup, but there are some pretty good canned ones out there too. For me, I’m on a strict diet of soup, herbal tea, and lemon water until my head feels less like a watermelon.

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