Wrecking Ball (Real Time workout!)

Get after this workout like a Wrecking Ball!  If you want to take your fitness to the next level, this is the workout for you.  The harder you push yourself, the better the results will be.  But don't be discouraged, all of you beginners, as there are modifications.  Anyone can do this workout as long as you listen to your body and know when you can amp it up, or need to slow it down.  I did this workout in Real Time because I want you to feel as though you have your own personal trainer with you , helping you along the way!   So here's the workout...It's divided into 2 parts. The first part is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout. The second part is you will complete 50 Burpees (25 for beginners) as fast as you can and with proper form. This workout took me around 30 minutes to complete. Make sure you have the time before you begin. You will need your Gymboss Timer, your Ultimate Sandbag (or kettle bells), and a jump rope. Let the games begin!! Here's the workout breakdown: PART 1 Set your timer for 20 Rounds with 10 seconds Rest/1:00 Work. (Seems like a lot, I know. My job is to push you to your limits. If you are a complete beginner, set your seconds of Work to 40). 1. Jump Rope (beginners can run or jog in place) (moderate to advanced, choose your own poison, high knees, running fast with jump rope) 2. Straight Push Ups (beginners do them from your knees) (moderate to advanced, from your toes) 3. Jump Rope 4. Sandbag Swing (beginners use light weight) (moderate to advanced, pack on the weight) 5. Jump Rope 6. Over Unders (beginners from your knees) (moderate to advanced, from your toes) 7. Jump Rope 8. Press Ups (beginners, use light weight) (moderate to advanced, pack on the weight) 9. Jump Rope 10. Sandbag Squat and Push (beginners, use light weight, or no weight at all) (moderate to advanced, pack on the weight) PART 2 FINISH WITH 50 BURPEES!!!  (25 for beginners and you can either do the push up, or take it out) (moderate to advanced, do the push up)

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