The Year Of The BUTT

The year of the BIG Butt From Kim Kardashian to Nicki Minaj – the BIGGER the BUTT the better it seems these days….But why? Women spend hours on end trying to reduce the size of their derriere and now people are getting butt implants, how strange? bolt_on_butt_implants_2_by_bimboizer-d7hcysr Is it really worth going through surgery and putting something foreign into your body? Butt implants can cost anywhere between $9,000 and $11,000……A gym is about $400.00 a year!! Wow, do the math on how many years at the gym you can get to work out that BUTT. Here are some at home/work tips you can do to help fight a flabby butt. *Try not sitting down while working – Try the standing work station. Cost for a work station starts at about $250.00 ideal-ergonomics2 If you do sit a lot at work – try getting up and do 2 minutes of each of the following *Standing donkey kicks *Squats *Front & back kicks (like in kickboxing) *Standing slow high knees *Rotating Side leg rises Trying doing 10 minutes of the above every hour, not necessarily to break a sweat just to keep that butt from being squished flat on your chair all day long.

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