Yellowberry Bras

A new independently owned and operated bra company, Yellowberry, started by plucky 18-year-old Megan Grassel, and her kickstarter campaign gone viral is providing much needed bra options for young girls. Yellowberry_6 Her idea for the company started when she took her younger sister, then 13 years old, shopping for her first bra. If you were ever a preteen girl, I’m sure you remember how awkward your first bra shopping experience was. Well, for Megan and her sister Mary Margaret, it was blush-worthy. Megan recalls: “I couldn’t believe the bras that she was supposed to buy,” she added. “The choices for her, and for all girls her age, were simply appalling to me. They were all padded, push-up and sexual. Not only that, they did not fit her body properly, which automatically made me wonder ‘Where were the young, cute and realistic bras for girls?’ There were none!” With absolutely zero fashion or business experience, Megan jumped into this bra company endeavor, enlisting the help of a seamstress in Jackson Hole, a manufacturer in LA, friends for fittings and models, groups and companies aimed at empowering young women to make her vision come true. Greatly surpassing her $25,000 kickstarter goal, it’s clear that Megan isn’t the only one who sees a problem with the hyper-sexualized lingerie available for young girls. Yellowberry_2 Girls are being pressured into growing up too fast, and it’s awful that the rite of passage of buying your first bra contributes to this stress, rather than supports girls in this awkward phase. Now girls aged 11-15, and their parents, who are looking for age-appropriate bras have an option that isn’t push-up, leopard print, or otherwise overly sexualized.

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