How Yoga Changes Your Body

You may have gleaned from some of my other blogs that I am a huge fan of yoga. Seriously – I think everyone should try yoga, because the benefits are just unreal, and I honestly could not imagine my life without yoga. The Huffington Post agrees, and even has the scientific research to back it up. (Although my sassy entirely unscientific evidence is soooo much fun to read, right?). yogafunny Generally, yoga is known for reducing stress and having overall health boosting benefits. Since that’s really vague, here’s a cool inforgraphic that shows how yoga can change your body, over years, over months, or even after just one class. BodyOnYoga I’ve personally seen at least 2/3 of these listed benefits in my own life, and I’ve been practicing yoga for about 6 years. For those of you who are new to yoga, or thinking about trying it out, after just one class you’ll have: increased flexibility, improved brain function, lower stress level, and it alters your gene expression – which means a boost to your immune system. Pretty good reasons to give it a go, and at least try a class. Obviously I’m biased, and the scientific research in the article is still in it’s preliminary stages, BUT I can’t promote yoga enough, it’s the perfect compliment to any fitness regime.

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