Yoga Exercises to Target Facial Wrinkles

Ditch the botox, there is a new wrinkle-free craze in town. Everyone loves yoga, right? Well, what if you were to try yoga exercises... for your face? Facial yoga is a series of facial movements that involve specific techniques designed to relax and tone the face, developed by Annalise Kagen,  Yoga teacher, writer and performer. These facial exercises were created to turn back the clock to diminish the look of wrinkles and fine lines. If you can tone other parts of your body, why can't you tone your face with various movements? After all, there are various muscles within the face. According to an interview with TIME magazine, Annalise states  "It's like natural Botox. Stress shows on our face, probably more than any other place on our body." This is certainly true! Also stated within the interview, "facial yoga could help train muscles not to go into those worry lines." It can also help train injured faces to move again. Every time you're working with your facial muscles, you increase circulation to your face 10 times," Annelise Hagen - Rachael Ray from Houston Street Productions on Vimeo. Here are a few of the basic exercises that you can try! My personal favorite is the "Lion Face." Also, be sure to check out Annalise Kagen’s website and book for even more information! I absolutely adore her-and her faces! 1a68f87106f35d3b37d1e963746428cb Which is your favorite? Love yoga? Double click the image below to check out my fat burning yoga bootcamp! URLSmall Article Photo credit: Daily Mail Featured Image credit:

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