Yoga for Running: Train The Karlie Kloss Way

Karlie Kloss don’t just have an inspiring body, but she also has a strong body with the energy to go along with it. The fit supermodel demonstrated some of her best moves next to Nike Master  Trainer Traci Copeland. Now there are more of the Copeland rejuvenating moves due to Reach and Recharge workouts that she is debuting on Nike + Training Club next week. The yoga workout she is doing will be designed just for runners. She wanted to start a routine that  focuses on hip openers, hamstrings, and the core. It will be meant to complement the workouts you are already doing.  The Copeland’s routine will be able to assist you in achieving a peak performance. It does this by improving your power, flexibility, and strength. SHOT_01_YOGA_283-1c_3c   Kloss will be running in the New York City marathon this year, and she plans to use her very own routine with speed workouts and longer runs. The Nike Master Trainer had the chance to work with everyone, whether they were supermodels or athletes, to assist in delivering results. Now you are able to take advantage of it. To get the best results, Kloss suggests that you should have realistic goals and milestones. Also, be sure you show up not just physically, but also mentally for every workout. Don’t forget a great playlist for your workouts.   Are you ready to sculpt and tone your body the Karlie Kloss way?   Source: Self Do you follow us on Instagram?
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