Yoga Joes

Dan Abramson, San Francisco native and the founder of “brogamats” has started another great bro-related yoga venture – Yoga Joes! They are GI Joe figurines but they come in a variety of yoga poses: downward dog, warrior one and two, cobra pose, child’s pose, and many more. I absolutely LOVE this idea, and after you watch the promo, hopefully you will too: The creator made them with the hope of getting more people to try yoga, as an increasing amount of people are finding benefits from practicing yoga – including military men and women. He was also hoping that children can be introduced to yoga at a younger age, and this toy will accomplish that. They’re also cute trinkets for anyone who’s already an avid yogi – I certainly want one (or all of them). yogajoes The funding period is winding down, so I’m really hoping that he makes his goal of $40,000 by October 10th. You can help fund the Yoga Joes on Kickstarter, with some pretty awesome perks, including a set of six Yoga Joes or a brogamats yoga bag (I’m thinking about getting the burrito one). yogajoes4   yogajoes3   yogajoes2

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