Yoga Poses You Can Do Just About Anywhere

Do you ever practice yoga poses outside the mat?

Maybe you've been wanting to work on a little strength, perhaps some flexibility, but haven't quite figured out the right time to do it.

If you are looking to add a little bit more yoga poses into your daily life, here are some basic ones that can be done at various points throughout the day.

(Hey, don't knock it until you try it. You may find yourself opening up your yoga practice.)

summerperezlizardposebathroomLizard Pose

This is a big hip opener and gives such an amazing stretch. I tend to find myself doing this whenever I'm doing something in the bathroom, like brushing my teeth or fixing my hair. I'm able to sink deeper into the pose while I get closer to the mirror to finish some make up. Keep your hips square and slowly sink into the stretch.           Tree Posesummerperezkitchentreepose This is a pose that can be easily done while cooking or reading the mail. Just be sure to keep your standing leg strong and core engaged to get the max benefits out of this pose. Remember to switch legs.             summerperezdancerkitchenDancer Pose Maybe you're a little more advanced and can get into one of dancer pose's many variations. It gives such delicious overall stretch that it's hard to resist just going to a wall and stretching further. If you're not able to hold your foot in the dancer's position, bring your foot to your butt and stretch your quads, instead. Great, isn't it?           summerperezmountainposeMountain Pose You can do this pose ANYWHERE and no one will notice what you're doing. You can do it while washing the dishes, standing at the line at the post office or while doing any of the above. Mountain pose is such an important pose to master that it is worth practicing over and over throughout he day. It is one of the foundation poses for so many other poses in yoga. Make sure to engage your legs and core, while keeping your shoulders back and strong.         What poses do you find yourself in throughout the day?

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