Yoga Sequence To Try With Kids

When it comes to yoga, making it fun for kids to do is not as hard as it may seem. Turning it into story time or associating poses to things that they know or have interests in make the whole sequence something truly enjoyable for everyone. Try the following yoga sequence out with your kids. This particular sequence was not a story time sequence when we shot it-- it was simply describing the poses in ways my son would understand. Use the terms I have used if they are relatable to your own kids, or change them up as you see fit. If a pose doesn't work for you or your child, then skip it rather than try to force it. It's not about perfection. Just have fun and do what feels good!   Kids Yoga Sequence: To start, stand super tall and strong like a mountain summerperezkidflowmountainpose   Then say hi! to the sun up high summerperezkidflowhandsoverhead   Dive down to the floor like a dolphin into the water, swish! summerperezkidflowforwardfold2   Then put your legs back strong like a board. summerperezkidflowhighplank   (At this point, they'll probably fall on their bellies. You can chaturanga down.) Now bring up your head and chest... like a doggy and howl "A-Ooooo" ("No howling, mom." ... "Ok, then like a dog on a search.") summerperezkidflowcobra   Now push down with your hands, pick up your butt and, did you find what you lost? summerperezkidflowdownwarddog   Get on your knees, put your head on the ground, then pick your knees up, and wiggle your hands in the sky. Doggy is so silly! It was right there! (This is my kids' version of a headstand. So like I said, skip it if it doesn't work for you. Or go into a full headstand. Do what feels good.) summerperezkidflowsillydog   Now come down and sit on your legs with your hands together like this. And breathe. This is what ninja heroes do to get their energy back. summerperezkidflowheropose   Put your feet together and make a butterfly with your legs. Fly, butterfly, fly! summerperezkidflowbutterflypose   Now butterfly fly low. (You can either put your arms in front of you to stretch or take a moment to steal a kiss with a mini stretch forward.) summerperezkidflowdiamondstretchkiss   Okay, let's play telephone. Left telephone. Hey! How are you? Right telephone is ringing. Pick it up. Hey! It's you again! summerperezkidflowtelephone   Ok, now let's makes a strong table. summerperezkidflowtable   And then push up with our hands and lift our butt in the air and make a triangle. summerperezkidflowdownwarddog   Waddle your feet like a penguin and bring them close to your hands summerperezkidflowforwardfold     And then say bye! to the sun summerperezkidflowsunsalute   And put your arms down to be strong again like a mountain. summerperezkidflowmountainpose   So, how did it go? Silly to read? But you better believe it was a lot of fun to do! Just ideas for you to think about to find an enjoyable way to get practice yoga with your kids. Think in their terms. They are more likely to come back to it again and again if it's customized to them. Just get their bodies moving! But if they don't feel like doing it, don't press them too much. Just keep going with an easy-going attitude. They feed off your energy.   I hope you get your kids involved, get your bodies moving, and have tons of laughs!

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