Yoga Teachers Reveal What They Really Think About Students!

If you are an avid yogi or are just new to the mat, you may be a little curious as to what your oh-so-zen instructor really thinks of you. Well, thankfully we have compiled the best of the worst of anonymous yoga teacher thoughts, and we're not afraid to share them! Can you handle it? yoga teacher class
"Please don’t giggle when we say ‘perineum.’ Just think about the muscles of the pelvic floor: how would you describe them?" "You in the back, who keeps checking your mobile phone, see the way you’re jamming your arms straight, crunching your lower back and throwing your head back? You know how your mouth was moving before? We’re saying ‘don’t do that.'" "Wow, yes, do answer your texts during the forward bends. Did you come to yoga to just ‘chill, get some me time, y’know tune in?’ Then start by turning off your mutha-loving phone." "No one cares what you wear. Having said that, those leggings are more see-through than you think." "The people who tell you how amaaaaazing yoga is are usually the ones who don’t turn up regularly. Serious about your practice? Turn up when you’re irritable as hell, then have the balls to take three deep breaths without running away." "Physical postures are just one part of yoga. There’s also meditation, philosophy and a bunch of other stuff. You don’t have to be spiritual, or even a nice person to try—but if you decide to take it seriously, your life will turn upside down. And it will be worth it." "‘Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you eat meat / get injuries / were found drunk in the gutter!’ Yes, that’s right, we’re human. Need to learn from someone perfect? Good luck with that." "Sure, we see you as a ‘whole person, beautiful in your completeness,’ but when you step onto the mat, we also see you as a collection of joints that are in or out of alignment. So when we manually adjust your pose, we’re really just helping you to align, not trying to pinch your bum." "If you need to cry, be grumpy if you need to be grumpy. Heaving sobs in a hip stretch? Excellent. I myself mouthed swear words through my first five years of practice."
Your turn! Share your thoughts about yoga class with us. Or, if you teach yoga, let us know if you agree with some of these statements! Source: Elephant Journal Do you follow us on Instagram? snapchat code  

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