Yoga Tips For Beginners

A while back I did a blog about yoga poses for beginners, but thinking about it now, there’s more to yoga than just the poses. For anyone wanting to try yoga, just starting out in your practice, or even experienced yogis looking for a refresher, I’ve compiled some quick tips for yoga beginners:
  1. Come early and be prepared. Get to class 15 minutes early to sign in, get yourself situated, get a vibe for the place, and snag a spot at the back.
  2. Take advantage of studio offers. Not sure yet if yoga is for you? Most studios offer some really great introductory deals. You can get a feel for different types of yoga, different instructors, and the studios themselves very inexpensively. Take advantage of a few of these, I tried bikram and moksha yoga to see what they were like before deciding to stick mainly to my power yoga studio.
  3. Go with a friend. I am notorious for dragging my friends to yoga, so if you have a frequent yoga-goer in your life they will most likely love to do a class with you. You’ll feel much less awkward with a pal by your side.
  4. Don’t compare yourself to others. That being said, definitely use them for guidance. My pro-tip, when you really don’t understand a pose, pretend to need to grab a sip of water and check out what everyone else is doing. 5. Take it easy, don’t push yourself. A lot like the previous comment, yoga is definitely not a competition. Don’t feel bad if you can’t do a pose right away, you’ll improve over time. Especially when it comes to hot yoga, if you feel dizzy or overly tired then listen to your body and rest.  

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