YOLO - HiitReps #6

. Hi BodyRockers, Hi BodRockers, There is something that we hear from people quite often after they watch our videos that sets my teeth on edge. There are a million variations of this statement, but they mostly all come out like this: “I could never do that”. Just to be clear, I’m not talking about people who have been somehow incapacitated – I’m talking about average, everyday people. The truth is when you apply that thought and belief system to any challenge, chances are you won’t fail because you won’t even start – and in fitness as in life, we all have to start somewhere. Better to hit failure and collapse mid pushup than to never even try. Even if you accomplish just one rep I can guarantee that you will rise up off of the floor stronger – both inside and out. Failure is cool because it means that you tried. It means that you cut through all of the mental and emotional BS that keeps most people in a perpetual state of self inflicted helplessness. We call the force that keeps you on the couch Brutus – he takes many guises and whispers as many different voices in your head – and the statement “I could never do that” is a declaration of allegiance to him that should never pass across any BodyRockers lips. Enjoy your workout . HiitReps Workout Video: Screen-Shot-2013-09-15-at-3.37.53-PM . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erYjztgf0N0 ..  [wobreakdown] . Workout Breakdown: . Set your interval timer  to 50 Seconds Work 10 Seconds Rest. Complete as many of the following exercises in the 50 seconds as possible. Repeat the Circuit for 3 Rounds . 397457_397425127014645_1583527326_n 603068_397425133681311_1161526841_n .   Workout Breakdown Pictures: . 1. 269284_397425000347991_1339528509_n 2. 217508_397425017014656_561909812_n 3. 217508_397425017014656_561909812_n 4. 22130_397425043681320_901372524_n 5. 601330_397425060347985_1212374540_n 6. 3533_397425073681317_129819181_n 7. 3533_397425073681317_129819181_n ......

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 9.55.55 PM Screen-Shot-2013-09-15-at-11-1.46.33-AM

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