You blew your diet. Now what?

Uh-oh. There you were, minding your own business when POW, you ate a whole bag of 100 calorie treats.  Wait, what? how did THAT happen? Yep, been there, done some form of that. In fact, I will bet that most of you reading this have as well, right? Maybe before you mindlessly ate yourself into a calorific corner you worked out like  a fiend OR maybe you had never touched a weight in your life. Either way, what do you do about what seems like a colossal mistake now, in this moment? Well, before you throw yourself into depression consider that MOST people succumb to being human when it comes to food and guess what, most humans like to eat! So here's what to do now.
  1. You know you don't have to finish that right?  Stop. Forget the clean your plate rule, friend. Put the down the wrapper and get thee to a garbage can instead of using your mouth as one.
  2. Drink a giant glass of water. Sounds simple enough but the act of cleaning your palate is powerful. Get the taste for that food out of your mouth.
  3. Brush your teeth. Maybe it's laziness or the fact that toothpaste taints the taste of food but most people stop eating for awhile after brushing their teeth. Whatever it is, it seems to work so use that tooth-brush as a signal that eating is over.
  4. Get moving. Exercise is great for burning off extra calories and the goal is to stop those calories from sticking to you. Now, don't go overboard: there IS such a thing exercise purging. If you find yourself bingeing regularly then spending extra time in the gym to compensate then you might be at risk for this type of problem.
  5. Prepare for tomorrow. This is only one day out of 365 and you have a whole set of hours to start fresh with tomorrow. Let go of this mistake, choose lighter and healthier foods for the rest of the day and start again tomorrow.

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