You Could Gain THIS Much Weight from Diet Soda Researchers Have Found

In the afternoon, when you're feeling totally drained but still have hours to go before you can leave work, it may seem like an easy fix to pop open a diet soda. Energy minus the sugar? Yes please! But, packed with ingredients like aspartame, sucralose, and saccharin, all you're really doing is pumping your body full of artificial chemicals in exchange for a quick buzz. A recent study conducted at the University of Iowa even found a link between one of the biggest chemicals in diet soda, aspartame, and cancer. The study noted that consuming it can dramatically up the risk of heart disease in women. [bctt tweet="You Could Gain THIS Much Weight from Diet Soda Researchers Have Found"] Are you thinking, "Ill take my chances with cancer so long as my waistline stays small"? Think again. Though diet drinks have zero calories, they may actually be causing people to consume more calories anyway. A new study at the University of Illinois discovered that diet drinkers tend to nosh on extra food to make up for the lack of calories they are getting from their diet drinks. Even more alarming, researchers found that consumers of diet soda were 70 percent more likely to have a larger waistline over 10 years as opposed to those who drank regular soda. Perhaps it's time to finally give up on the diet stuff after all. Are you an avid diet soda drinker? Source: Shape

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