You May Be Ruining Your Workouts With These 4 Habits

Sometimes it seems like there just aren't enough hours in the day. To avoid feeling like we can't quite fit it all in, we attempt to multi-task, especially when it comes to working out. Or, we may tend to skimp on certain things to make way for what we feel is the most important. Want to know how you may secretly be ruining your work out? Here are four things you could be doing wrong. workout 1. Texting & Checking Social Media One of the best parts about working out is that you get to separate yourself from all other happenings in your life. But it can be difficult to do so when your phone is in your pocket on loud, and every time you hear a "ding" you plunge into your pocket to retrieve it and read your message. Or perhaps you take a second to scroll through social media while you walk and warm up on the treadmill. You read something that sticks with you as you set your phone down and begin your run. Not being able to focus on your workout is detrimental to your overall performance. 2. Doing The Same Thing Every Time Every single day, you run for 30 minutes, complete the same ab routine and incorporate 50 push-ups. The problem with this is that, along with the chance that you may grow tired of doing this and eventually give up altogether, your body needs a challenge, and if you do the same routine each time, your body will adjust and plateau. 3. You Forget Recovery When you just want to get your workout over with, one of the first things you may toss out is recovery, but the importance of stretching is incredibly important. In order for your body and muscles to go hard the next day, they need time to rest and repair. So to avoid working out with stiff muscles and potentially cause yourself injury, don't skip recovery. 4. Not Being Properly Hydrated Bringing a water bottle to the gym isn't enough. You need to make sure you are hydrated well before you begin your workout. Dehydration can make way for a lack of energy and even dizziness, so if your game plan is high intensity cardio, yet you haven't had a sufficient amount of water in your system, you may notice that your performance will suffer.  

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