You May Have This Dangerous STI And Not Even Know It!

You may be familiar with the more commonly known s*xually transmitted infections such as herpes and gonorrhoea, but have you ever heard of trichomoniasis? This virtually undetectable infection is blowing up around the world, but millions are unaware it even exists. Trichomoniasis, or trich for short, can increase your chances of contracting HIV. It is also highly dangerous when present in pregnant women, as birthing problems can occur. While the infection itself is curable in its early stages, it becomes far more menacing when left to ruminate in your system. [bctt tweet="You May Have This Dangerous STI And Not Even Know It!"] The infection carries few symptoms, if any. This is why so many do not seek out medical help when it is first contracted. Getting regularly screened for STIs and STDs is imperative to good health, so make sure to specifically ask your gyno about a trich test upon your next visit. Both men and women are equally at risk of contracting this infection. While men often don't experience symptoms, they can develop an itching around the penis or an unusual discharge. Women can sometimes develop a discharge that is accompanied by an odorous smell and itching. Antibiotics are prescribed upon diagnosis to clear up the infection. One in five people will contract it after treatment, so make sure your partner is also tested and treated. Take precautions when having s*x by using condoms and always have an open dialogue with your partner about s*xual history. Share your thoughts on this issue with us! Share this post to educate others about the risks of this infection, it could save a life! Source: Bustle  

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