You'll Be Shocked by This New Condom - Literally

Two students from Georgia Tech have developed a brand new type of condom designed to electrify your sex life. Talk about a shocking new technology! It's going to give your sex life the jolt it needs. (Okay, enough ridiculous puns. I apologize) Andrew Quitmeyer and Firaz Peer are the names of the students that created this new condom - a digital prototype that contains electrodes and circuits. I'm sure most men are already cringing from the thought of anything electric being near their junk, but the design is actually quite ingenious. The electrodes in the condom stimulate the underside of the shaft, making it much more enjoyable for the men than a simple latex condom. It's like the vibrators the ladies get to enjoy, but built into a condom. It's designed to be controlled via a number of internet APIs - including smartphone apps. Of course, it's nothing more than a prototype, but the tests run by the students have yielded great results - according to HuffPost. Check out the video to see what it looks like: This invention is the result of the challenge issued by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in March 2013. This could be the "next-gen condom" that will make sex safe without diminishing the enjoyment. Now, if only there was a way to turn that electrocution into an even better birth control. Spermicide by electric condom!  

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