Young Woman Laments Over The Struggle Of Being A Blonde Beauty

Life is far from perfect for 20-year-old Felicia Czochanski. She is a university student who recently penned an honest letter to Cosmopolitan magazine to express the difficulties she faces daily being a beautiful, blonde and highly athletic woman. self image esteem problems Now before you say #firstworldproblems, hear her out. Felicia makes an interesting point about image, and how no image is really ideal in today's society. Judgement afflicts everyone, even the most stunning among us. struggle of beauty "People seemed to forget or simply ignore my accomplishments." the hazel eyed Felicia states. "I dulled myself down, personality - and appearance-wise, for years, trying to be appreciated for something other than my looks." She claims she hid her voluptuous chest under baggy t-shirts and sports jerseys for fear of not being taken seriously by the world. She wanted to be known as someone who was more than just a pretty face and an attractive body type, but a great athlete and ambitious scholar. pretty looks appearance issues "I am just a young woman trying to get where I need to be. I'm not bragging that people comment on my appearance. In fact, I despise that anyone thinks this type of behavior is acceptable.​" she continues. "Imagine how it feels to have heads turn and all eyes on you when you are simply trying to get to where you need to be. It doesn't make me feel beautiful or sexy. It makes me feel like there's something wrong with me. The scrutiny is never ending." women confidence What do you think of Felicia's story? Can you relate to this feeling of judgement? Source: Daily Mail

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