Your destiny is YOURS... yes or no?

It has been a couple of week since I have blogged last... but something that has become more and more clearer (as it does every day longer that I spend in this industry), is that YOU are in control of your own destiny. At the end of the day every single decision you make ----> - every yes or no that you choose - even alarm your snooze or wake up to - every workout you skimp on or walk in an nail 150%...will determine your end result. I currently have several clients competing in a 12 Week Challenge and several friends who have overcome amazing life obstacles to put themselves on stage in a natural body building show for the first time. To be honest whether you are doing a challenge of your own, have a bet with a friend, are competing in a show or trying to better yourself daily it is the same process. Some people might disagree but the mental and physical challenges are similar for all. When it comes to the crunch you are the one who will say "yes I will" or "no I can't". That word "CAN'T"!! I often wonder - "can't" OR "won't". You can lead a horse to the water but you cannot make the horse drink. Just HOW thirsty are you??? There will always be a challenge in life. There is will ALWAYS be obstacles. You can succumb to them by all means... that is your decision and choice and you OWN that! You also have, on the flip side the choice to stand up tall in that moment decided what you want more. Do you want the feeling of being healthy? Do you want to put on the first thing you see in your wardrobe, no matter what it is, know that it fits comfortably? Do you want to feel energetic and alive? OR..... would you prefer to feel lethargic? Do you want to spend hours and hours finding something to wear because nothing sits right? Do you want to avoid social situations? I always encourage my clients to maintain a social life to teach them how to have a healthy lifestyle and also make smart choices in a tempting situation. When the food platter of deep fried goodies are being passed around to make a decision in that moment - YES or NO. I cannot be sitting on each of their shoulder at all times to whisper in their ear "yes go for that one, it doesn't look so bad" or "stay clear of that, my body fat just increased by looking at it" haha! These challenges help someone determine what they believe to be a worthy treat or not. I like my clients to ask as many questions as they can. I want them to squeeze as much information from me as possible. I want to them to be educated and confident, whether it's with their training, nutrition or basic life skills. I do not believe they should "NEED" me forever... I want them to grow their own wings and take on the world and it's challenges and know they have the information and skills needed to do so. I of course have people who have been with me for years and years and they still love that PUSH and BRUTALITY (haha) of my sessions but as well as that they also are very capable of the basics needed to maintain their amazing results! I guess what I would like to get across today is that whether you have a great support network or not you will always have yourself. You will ALWAYS take care of you! There WILL be obstacles There WILL be doubters There WILL be mistakes... ...But with hard work and self belief you WILL succeed.   If you get a change, take it. If it changes your life, let it!! :)    Much love to you all SazzyPT xox IMG_3705

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