Your Genes Can Determine Whether or Not You Crave Fatty Foods

Everyone's cravings are unique to them, however, you might find that you're always craving fatty foods, like a grilled cheese with a side of fries at lunch, while your friend always opts for salad. This isn't just because they're trying to be healthy, they genuinely crave those leafy greens. So how come no matter how much you love all different types of foods, including highly nutritional ones, do your eyes catch the pizza category every time you pick up a menu? Scientists have discovered two genetic variants that might be the result of whether people tend to eat healthy or opt for foods laden with fat. The study conducted involved 45 white Europeans between the ages of 19 and 55 who were asked to review photos of food and note how each one appealed to them. By using DNA genotyping on the participants as well as magnetic resonance imaging in order to measure each individual's brain activity, the team of researchers from Imperial College in London found out how genetics play a roll in cravings. Those who found fatty foods more appetizing had a genetic variant that is linked to them having a predisposition to obesity. “It means they may experience more cravings than the average person when presented with high-calorie foods, that is those high in fat and or sugar, leading them to eat more of these foods,” noted the lead researcher, Dr. Tony Goldstone. The study's findings, which were presented in Los Angeles at the Obesity Society Annual Meeting, might potentially be able to provide a more personalized approach to dealing with obesity, a disease that one-third of American adults have. What are your thoughts on these findings? Source: NY Daily News

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