Your Guide To Recovering From A Big Junk Food Binge

It happens to all of us. Binging on junk food can be a release for some people. But instantly after we finish off our indulgence, we are met with regret and shame. Suddenly we feel like we've totally blown it when it comes to our diet and we can never get back on our feet. So, we succumb to eating more junk food and give up completely.

STOP. You do not have to do that! Recovering from a junk food binge is easier than you think! Don't let this one incident keep you from becoming who you want to be and eating how you want. Here are 6 ways to stop feeling guilty and start being proactive.

#1 Let Go Of The Guilt

The worst thing we can do to ourselves is hold on to guilt and let it consume us. Stop this damaging behaviour by letting go completely and forgiving yourself. Know that you can just hit 'restart' and try again. Everyone has failed at one point on the road to getting fit so you're certainly not the first.

#2 Get Active

Don't sit around worrying about what you have done. Get moving! Head outside for a run or even a gentle walk. Stretch, do some HIIT exercises or bodyweight workouts. Dance around to your favorite song. Getting your blood pumping and your head cleared will make you feel 100x better about yourself. If you are looking for fresh workout ideas, check out SweatflixSM : BodyRock On Demand! This streaming service gives you the ability to access over 66 hours of workouts for all experience levels and workout styles, anywhere and at anytime. With new content added weekly and exclusive to  SweatflixSM workout series, this will be the greatest thing to happen to your workout routine! The best part, your first 30 days are free! Sign up today!

#3 Eat

The worst reaction you can have to binging is starving yourself. Diets don't work that way. You can not eat pizza one day and make up for it by eating nothing the next. Fuel your body with healthy options. This will rev your metabolism so you can produce more energy to burn off with exercise. Choose leafy greens, fresh fruit, lean protein, fibrous foods and probiotics. Healthy eating has to be a lifestyle. To get help making this transition, check out the BodyRock Meal Plan. More than just a 30 day menu planner, will walk you through everything you need to know. It comes with a nutrition guide to help you make sense of the science and a recipe book with over 70 recipes that will keep you from getting bored! [bctt tweet="Your Guide To Recovering From A Big Junk Food Binge"]

#4 Avoid Sluggish Digestion

To make your body feel good, choose foods that promote detoxification and prevent bloating and cramping. High-fibre foods like lentils, chickpeas, lima beans, avocados, oatmeal and flaxseed can help. It's best to avoid digestive disrupters like coffee, gluten, dairy, soda and alcohol that can cause more problems.

#5 Hydrate!

Drinking lots of water will give a boost to those high fibre foods you're consuming. It will flush away toxins and chemicals from the junk food and keep your body feeling good. Water is essential to a high-functioning metabolism so drink up every day! You can infuse water with fruits to add more nutrients and flavour to your daily drink.

#6 Strip Down Your Food

Try eating totally clean for a few days after your binge. This means no processed foods, added sugars or preservatives. Eat whole foods that benefit weight loss like sweet potatoes, quinoa and wild salmon. Embracing a more pure way of eating can help you avoid binges in the future as well! Share your tips for preventing binges with us! We want to hear from you!

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