Your Inner Critic is Causing You to Gain Weight, Here's How to Stop It

We all know you are what you eat, so if you're consuming donuts for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the chances of you plumping up and resembling more of a round shape are likely, and likewise, if you skimp on regular exercise, you won't reap the benefits of the taught and toned look, but did you know your thoughts could be hindering you from achieving weight loss success, too?   These 6 thoughts are only bringing you down and turning you to food as a coping mechanism: "I’m not good enough." "I’m doing it wrong. I am wrong. Something about my life is wrong." "I’ll never be as ___ as her. I’m unlovable." "I’m undesirable." "I need to change." But the question may still remain: How do I avoid saying such things to myself? To quiet your inner critic and keep you from reaching for food even when you're not hungry, you need to learn how to separate the real you from your inner thoughts. "I tell my clients to categorize their thoughts as either your true self or your inner critic (a.k.a. your ego). Your true self sounds loving, happy, and knows that you have everything you need already. Your inner critic, on the other hand, is judge-y, attacking, and always on the hunt for something that will make it happier," explains health and wellness coach Jamie Mendell. Mendell also notes that in order to recognize that these negative thoughts aren't real, you need to know how to manage your inner critic. "Try to make a habit of analyzing your negative thoughts by thinking through them as they come up or taking a few minutes at the end of the day to process anything that came up. These exercises help you manage those harsh thoughts and enable you to feel better about yourself. And when you feel more confident in yourself, you’ll find that you’re less inclined to turn to food to make you feel good." Have you found that your inner critic creates a negative relationship between your real self and food? Source: Women's Health  

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