Your new Pre/Post Natal Fitness and Nutrition specialist and blogger!

Hello Bodyrockers!

I wanted to take a quick moment to introduce myself to you! I am first and foremost a mother of 2 wonderful girls (with a third on the way by year end),  personal trainer/group ex instructor who also happens to be a loyal DailyHiit/Bodyrock fan! I have been a fan since the days of Zuzana,  and throughout my postpartum recovery after baby #2, worked out to all Lisa and Sean's HIIT workouts and loved them! I started out using Insanity and P90X (Beachbody products), and am still an active Beachbody coach, but what I truly LOVE about DailyHiit is the variety of the workouts they offer, NOT to mention they are FREE! They offer great quality and high intensity and get the job done. I actually borrow exercises from the workouts here and there for my own boot camp classes I teach in N.J.

With my first pregnancy, I taught classes (boot camp, strength, kickboxing etc) and trained clients up until I gave birth and felt great. After my first, I took on the demands of being a new mom and really lost myself in it. It wasn't until about a year later where I was up and running again in my pre-pregnancy body and felt good. Throughout my second pregnancy, I ran and strength trained up until delivery and this time around, it was much easier to bounce back, as I am sure every expectant mom hears when pregnant with their second. I used the DailyHiit workouts to get back into shape and felt amazing! Now pregnant with my 3rd, I have continued using them. I have a private training/boot camp business that I fit into my busy mommyhood lifestyle, and currently at 22 weeks along, still doing all of Lisa, Sean and now Melissa's Hiit workouts! I modify when I need to, and still get an amazing workout in!

I am your new pre/post natal fitness and nutrition specialist and blogger who has years of experience training and working with the prenatal client, and getting them back on their feet after they deliver. I create my own workouts myself (on my Facebook and Youtube page), where you can follow how I modify DailyHiit and my own workouts based on where I am in my pregnancy, and how it changes as the weeks go on.  I want this to be a place you can come and get information on this as well as many other topics relating to health/fitness, and just good old life in general! If you have any questions or requests for topics for me to discuss, I would LOVE to hear them!

Thanks for the time and keep on rockin!



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