Your Spuddy Buddy: Health Benefits of Potatoes

The low carb craze has given potatoes a bad rap, but these ecumenical veggies are packed with powerful health perks. Read on to find out more about the health benefits of Potatoes.

Potatoes can help improve brain function. Your brain is a complex machine and needs a multitude of things to function - and potatoes contain many of these vital properties, like vitamin C, B complex, Omega-3, carbohydrates and protein. They also help balance glucose levels to keep your brain functioning at its prime.

These same elements help prevent cardiovascular disease - and here’s the kicker for your ticker: Potatoes also contain carotenoids which are vital components of not only heart health, but of general health and wellness.

You don’t even have to eat your spuds to reap their many benefits. Their vitamins and minerals turn them into inflammation fighting machines. Apply a raw potato to a burn or a rash to help reduce pain and swelling.

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