Your Ultimate (and Affordable) Home Workouts

It’s tough to find the ultimate home workouts that will keep you satisfied, but like anything you’ve gotta plan it out and work at it. Home workouts are a dime a dozen, but once you find the system and routine you like you have to stick with it. The average gym membership costs over $500 dollars a year. That’s a lot of dough to spend ruminating in other people’s sweat. If exercising your gag reflex isn’t your thing, why not save yourself some money and invest in this affordable and comprehensive home gym equipment? Don’t panic. You don’t have to start renovating to make room for treadmills and leg presses. Getting fit only requires a few pieces of small and storable equipment. Check it out.

Burn Fat

A perfect full body workout that can be done in the smallest of spaces. Just 1 minute of jump rope burns a whopping 11 calories, conditions your cardiovascular system and tones your legs, core, arms and shoulders. ($9.99 - DailyHIIT Store)

Increase Balance

Like a Bosu Ball, the ProForm Balance Stepper can add intensity to any strength workout by making it more difficult to control balance. You can also march on it between sets to increase your heart rate. ($15 -

Build Strength

Add or subtract weight easily with a sandbag. This innovative piece of resistance equipment can maximize your strength training workout without destroying your floors. It’s engineered to be soft, so it is quiet and safe to drop. (from $69.99 - DailyHIIT Store)

Stretch and Relax

Make your stretching a no-brainer with the SKLZ TrainerRoller. The roller has 12 different flexibility promoting exercises printed on it, meaning you have no excuses not to do your stretches. Best of all: The roller acts as a fantastic (and free!) masseuse for tired muscles. ($40 -

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