"You´re too fat!”

Baaam! She can`t speak about me but there is nobody but me. This memory is a bit over 2 years old. I sat by my family doctor, because I could not sleep, my fingers felt numb and my back was aching. “You´re only too fat!” That´s all she said.

K I didn`t sleep that night. I thought over her words.  That was the day that changed everything. I read about rich protein diet. She recommended that. I went shopping and began.

It is the first step that is difficult. I didn't know what to eat instead of the usual food. I never felt full. Then I began to plan my meals, tried new foods. My second step was to begin with exercise. After one round of HIIT I was completely limp. Next day everything was stiff and aching. From week to week my weight was less and I felt more fit.

Anika jetzt

Six months later all complaints were gone and by the way 44lbs. Give it a try!


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