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Fresh Start??

juice Is you body just filled with crap? When you cook with ground beef and your hands are all covered in fat do you realize that's what is coating the inside of your body? Do you eat preservatives all the time? Ever thought about detoxing? What about juicing? Could you just drink your meals for a few days?  I have in the past used a GNC detox system but really didn’t see any results or feel any different.  I started juicing last summer after I watched the documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. I wasnt doing it to heal myself of some disease or to lose weight or even to detox. I started juicing because it tastes yummy, its healthy and my kids like homemade juice popsicle (which i would much rather feed them). I remember one of my moms juicing when I was younger and always really enjoying it especially if it was really cold. She actually gave me her old juicer (it’s about 20 yrs old). I saw on Facebook that one of my friends was doing a 3 day juice detox… that sounded very do-able. I decided to do a little interview with her to see how she felt. Denise did a Dr. Oz Detox program that you can view here. Here is a little bit about Denise and her 3 days of juicing - Hi – my name is Denise.  I am a program manager in the defense industry (in other words I sit all day either in front of a computer or in meetings).  Outside of work -  I have always been very active and fit, until the last few years. I am currently going through menopause.  That coupled with the reduced activity level has reeked havoc on my body and soul!  I am constantly seeking ways to remain healthy and the energy to execute a plan!
1. How did you hear about detoxing and what made you decide to do it? 
I saw it on the today show.  I just felt like I had given myself too great of a ‘hall pass’ during the Holidays and needed to get back on track.
2. What were you excepting from it? 
Just to cleanse and feel better in general.
3. How much money did you spend buying your supplies?
Not going to lie, it was a lot by the time I bought all the vitamins and supplements to go along with it.
4. Did you have a hard time finding all the items in a local grocery store?
No, I shopped at Whole Foods, which is an organic chain and they had everything.
5. One Day 1 how did you feel? Did you get hungry? 
Surprisingly, no.  And I did not make the optional snack drink in the mid/late afternoon.  I developed a slight headache late in the afternoon. though.
6. On Day 2- did you feel better or worse than day 1? More energy? 
I felt better!  Slept very well the night before, which almost never happens anymore.  BUT I cheated by eating a little celery and peanut butter.  not because I was hungry but because I just needed to chew.  I still did not make the snack drink.  Again, I developed a slight headache late in the afternoon.
7. How did you feel at the end of day 3?
On day 3 I felt great again  – slept well – but developed a headache late in afternoon.  On this day, because of an evening appointment, I took/consumed a snack drink with every intention to make a dinner drink when I returned home, but when i got home I just decided to go to bed.
 8. At any point did you find yourself wanting to cheat?
Absolutely – but not because I was hungry – because I was bored.
9. Which drink was your favorite? 
The better question is which was my least favorite – the lunch drink.  But beginning day 2 I added more pineapple which made it much better!
10. Will you do it again?
Absolutely!  Already have.  Plan to do it once a month.  Plus, I make one of the drinks every day for either breakfast or lunch-sometimes both.  Important note – I use frozen fruit which makes it more like a smoothie than juice.
11. Do you recommend it to others? 
Definitely yes!
Let us know what your detoxing experience has been!
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