Why You're Not Getting The Results You Want

You are going to the gym every day (or you are working hard towards some other goal) but you feel like you are not getting anywhere. Did you stop to think about whether or not you have been sabotaging your own success? Our belief system is so powerful that we will constantly search out ways in which to prove it to be right, consciously or unconsciously. And if our beliefs are limiting rather than empowering, we are setting ourselves up for failure. exercise-motivation-weight-loss For example, if you believe at some level that you cannot get fit, you will go to the gym, move through the motions and, quite possibly at some point, create excuses why you cannot go, why you need to cut a workout short, or why you are not giving it your all. Then you don't see why you are even working out at all since you are not seeing any changes and become unmotivated and return to where you started-- or worse. In the end, you created a cycle that proved your original belief that you cannot get fit. But imagine if you were to change the way you spoke to yourself. Imagine if you told yourself:





And you didn't just tell yourself that. You actually believed it. You can close your eyes and can imagine how great you feel on your way to being fit. fitness-motivation-1 You go to the gym with a feeling of excitement for the process. You feel motivated by the small changes you notice. You want to keep coming back because smashing out that workout simply feels amazing. And eventually you will reach a fitness goal and all because you showed up in every way to every workout guided by the power of your original belief that it was all possible. fitmess-motivation100 Our thoughts have the power to positively or negatively impact our reality, which is why detoxing from our unconscious negative thoughts is essential. Limiting beliefs develop from anywhere (family, friends, media etc.) and unconsciously sabotage our goals and greatest efforts for change, keeping us stuck in an unwanted situation. Always remember: whatever we focus on will come to exist. So let's get the energy flowing positively into our lives! To do so, we need to identify limiting beliefs. We must look at our present situation, what we complain about, and our self talk to see what holds us back. Those are good indicators of our limiting beliefs. By being aware we can diffuse negativity when it arises. Through love, compassion, and practice, we can replace those toxic thoughts with empowering ones...just like bad habits waiting to be broken and replaced with better ones. fitness_motivation_poster-rf83b037ad8ff44a1841f748d4c2217e5_wad_216 Changing our thoughts will change our actions which will change our lives.
  • Identify any limiting beliefs/negative thoughts, and begin to replace them with positive ones.
  • Start the day with positive inspiration and affirmations.
  • If you find yourself getting sucked back into a negative cycle: BREATHE. Relax. Identifying it when it happens is a huge step to moving forward.
  • And always remember to practice gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, and love-- for others but most importantly, yourself.
  • Repeat daily.

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