Why You're Still Getting Razor Burn (And How To Avoid It)

Razor burn is a very real, and very terrible thing. You've read all the advice and are changing your blade every few days and yet you still get the painful, nasty skin irritation. Dermatologist Tabasum Mir, M.D, explains why this might be.  "Razor burn is about how well-lubricated the skin is as much as it is about the razor." Dr. Mir says "Shaving removes the top dead layers of skin—it's exfoliation!" And while this can lead to smooth legs after the deed, it is just as likely to result in razor burn. The key is to keep enough 'slip' on the skin for the blade to glide easily over it. Her advice? Avoid shaving with soaps and gels and opt for a shaving cream. And don't forget to wet your legs (or anywhere else) first. Moisture is your friend! How do you avoid razor burn? Source: Glamour

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