You've Been Cutting and Peeling Your Avocado the Wrong Way, Learn the Tricks

Avocados are a much-loved fruit that make up a savoury addition to your morning toast, lunchtime salads and anytime snack. Flip through Instagram and you'll see just how much this tasty fruit makes up the #foodporn hashtag, for instance. avocado But there is one slight downfall thats seems to be a common concern for avo aficionados far and wide: the hindrance of cutting and peeling them. Everyone seems to have a different method, whether it's being as precise as possible or digging in with our fingers to dislodge that pesky pit. But regardless, there's got to be a better way right? Someone out there must really be the bearer of avocado prep. Look no further, for Amanda Hesser, former New York Times writer and co-founder of Food52, is your avo-girl.
  1. Cut the avocado in half.
avocado Set your avocado on a cutting board and cut right down the middle, until you reach the pit. Then, continue slicing all the way around, rotating the fruit as you go. 2. Pull the halves apart avocado Gently twist the halves to separate them. Enjoy your moment of glory. 3. Show no mercy avocado In one swift motion, wedge your knife into the pit, and give it a sharp turn. The pit should come away easily. 4.  Get handsy avocado It’s smooth sailing from here. Peel the skin off with your fingers, and then make salsa, shrimp cocktail, or simply the best guacamole of your life. Avocado is up for anything. Have you been cutting and peeling your avocado wrong this entire time? Source: Bustle

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