You've Been Cutting Cantaloupe Completely Wrong!

Have you been making a terrible mistake when it comes to cutting cantaloupe? It's common for many of us to be cutting our fruit totally wrong for years, and not stop to think how much easier life would be if we just got a little ingenious with it. The Internet is here to save you from making a catastrophe out of your cantaloupe! Saveur has created this instructional guide to cutting your morning melon. Cut off those ends and set them aside. cantaloupe cutting Cut down the middle of the exposed melon. melon health benefits Scoop out the seeds. fruit seeds Cut each melon half in half, and then half again. morning breakfast idea Make slits down the rind in your desired size. Insert your knife where the melon meets the rind so the peel comes off. And tada! You're all done. knife tricks cooking Give this trick a try and tell us how it works for you! Source: Hello Giggles

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