You've Been Washing Your Bra All Wrong

Ever feel like the longevity of your bra is short? That's because you're not treating them with proper TLC. It's not just about washing them, but it's about how you wash them, what you wash them with, how you dry them and even how you store them.
As we all know, bras don't come cheap, so making sure to properly take care of them is important. Though it may seem like more work than you're used to, you'll be happy with the results in the long run! Here are a variety of tips to ensure you give your bras the respect they deserve.
1. Check the label out. Bras have washing instructions, too. Take a peek at the tag to see what the requirements are.
2. Steer clear of bleach.
If you notice an 'X' on the tag, this means that the bra cannot handle the use of bleach on it.
3. Wash them regularly.
Do you even know the last time you washed yours? If you don't, then it's time to wash it!
4. Don't just wash them with like colours.
Do a separate load of intimates in order to avoid your bras getting mangled by bulky items.
5. Hook up the snaps.
When you do so, your bra won't latch onto other items and become torn.
 6. Keep them out of the dryer.
This could cause the shape to be damaged or destroyed, including the cup to become lumpy. 7. Either hang dry them or lay them to dry. Cleaning expert and advice columnist for Jezebel Jolie Kerr says to stay away from the dryer with such intimates at all costs. She suggests placing your bra on a towel, or using a drying rack instead. 8. But don't hang them by the band.
This will just stretch out the band, eventually making them too big to wear. 9. Make sure to properly store them.
With all the work you put into taking care of them, you cannot forget this simple yet important step.
Do you take care of your bras properly? Source: Bustle

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