Zara Philips, Kate Middleton and Why Some Moms Struggle to Lose Their "Mum Tum"

Zara Philips, the granddaughter of the Queen of England, sparked pregnancy rumours recently when she was spotted in a tight lemon yellow dress revealing what appeared to be a baby bump.   While British tabloids were eager to get the run down on this supposed new sibling to her 18 month old daughter, Mia, it became clear that Zara's "bump" was just her post-baby belly. Of course comparisons were made between the former Olympic athlete's inability to shed her "mum tum" while 'IT' mom Kate Middleton prances around the grounds looking thin and willowy just weeks after having her second child. For Zara, and many other women struggling to lose their baby belly, it doesn't always come as easy. A condition called diastisis recti could be to blame for stubborn tummy fat. It is fairly common, with two-thirds of pregnant women developing it. It occurs simply because the torso tissues which stretch during pregnancy don't mend back together after birth. The tissues can remain separated for over a year in some cases. Images) So if you're a new mom exhausting yourself to lose the pooch, this may be why it's not going anywhere. There are ways to aid the healing process of the tissues. Avoiding strain (heavy lifting for example) helps to keep pressure off the connective tissue. You should also be careful how you exercise. Moves like crunches, push-ups and sit-ups can actually increase the problem rather than make it better. Check out our guide to healing diastasis recti. Share with us your post baby stories, tips and tricks! Do you follow us on Instagram?
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