Zooey Deschanel Doesn't Believe That "Skinny-Is-Better"

Hollywood beauty and funny girl Zooey Deschanel is the latest cover girl for the June issue of Cosmo. When asked her thoughts about "body after baby" photoshoots, Zooey gave this answer (and we love her for it) "Haven't we all seen those pictures of a sexy new mom in a bikini after one month? I will not be that person. I've always gone my own course and never been someone who had the need to be super skinny. I like a healthy look. I don't buy into that skinny-is-better mentality. I just eat healthy and work out and don't worry about my weight too much. Actresses aren't models, and most of them never wanted to be." Preach girl! gallery-1430255694-cosmo-june-15-cover gallery-1430256756-cosmo-june-15-zd-3  

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