Zucchini Crusted Pizza

Zucchini crusted Pizza

photo (1) photo (10) photo (11) photo (12) photo (13) photo (15) photo (14) photo (16)   I love pizza. I mean REALLY love pizza. I think its probably the hardest thing for me to turn down. It is so high in calories, carbs and fat! I also really love food so sometimes living this lifestyle I feel like I am missing out on all these great flavors and the experince of great fatty foods. So, I like to re-create these fatty foods and make healthy versions. This one may be my favorite. Here it is Zucchini Crusted Pizza. Its delish!     Bake on 400 for approx 20 min. (I would watch them because I took mine out a few times and dabbed them with a towel to get any extra water off) Watch for crispy edges. You can flip them if you would like but be very careful not to break them. I baked mine on  my pizza stone. Add any veggies, cheese (I used a tad bit of skim milk fresh mozzarella) sauce to your pizza crust.  I made a homemade sauce from canned tomatoes, garlic, water, and Italian seasonings. The meat I used was leftover Turkey Italian meatballs. Bake your pizza on 400 for approx 5-10min. EAT and ENJOY. My girlfriend and I enjoyed a glass of red wine with our pizza. It was a nice touch. Remember wine is packed full of calories so don’t over do the wine. But, red wine is known for having good heart benefits. Like anything Balance is key :)

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