Zucchini sauteed noodle toss

Zucchini can be so delicious. I have found my nitch and am sharing only one today. According to the meal plans I recommend, this would be more of a lunch dish. Ingredients: Whole Wheat Egg Noodles (Varies depending on serving size amount) Splash of skim milk Cant believe it's not butter spray. (1/2 Tbs) 1 oz of shredded Colby Jack Cheese Zucchini Extra Virgin Olive oil Seasoning Salt Salt and Pepper Directions: Boil and prepare your egg noodles as directed. Warm a skillet with a small amount of Extra Virgin Olive oil on Med/high heat. Slice the Zucchini to place on the skillet when it is sizzling.   As your Zucchini is preparing in the skillet sprinkle some seasoning salt into the skillet over the zucchini and flip. As your noodles are complete, drain them. Return them to the pan and remove from heat. Combine splash of milk and spray butter into the noodles. Add your desired amount of salt and pepper. I used a block of cheese and grate in a small amount of cheese for flavor to the noodles. Combine the Sautéed Zucchini with the cheesy egg noodles and ENJOY! It is so tasty that it's hard to resist seconds. I recommend this for the lunch meal as that is when your body has time to utilize the carbs in the prepared dish. It doesn't contain a lot of fat or protein so if you want to add in tofu, soy or chicken for some additional protein that would be wise. I just chose not to this time. I thought it was fabulous! Let me know what you think! Beth    

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