10 Reasons To Do Yoga T-Shirt Free

If you go to a yoga class, there’s always at least one person that goes t-shirt free while practicing their downward-dog and posing in tree. Initially, our response may be to be ask if that’s truly necessary; but, there are so many reasons why your fellow yogi should be an inspiration for you to throw judgement out the window and adopt the same topless regime, whether you're in a class, or practicing at home with Sweatflix.

Here are 10 reasons to practice yoga t-shirt free:

1. Let It All Hang Out

Who cares what the people around you are doing. Yoga class is a solo mission to get sweaty and bendy.

2. Yoga Is Not Just About Your Body

Your body is merely the medium of your practice. The focus should be about presence and breathing techniques.

3. Come As You Are

Yoga is about embracing natural beauty. In a class setting, that means not worrying about where your neighbor got their workout gear.

4. Practice Makes Perfect

Going t-shirt free means that you accept yourself just the way you are today, and the stronger and more-toned-you of tomorrow.

5. You’re The Coolest

Not only do you exude confidence, but you actually get the chance to cool down after the Warrior Series.

6. You’re Also A Badass

Stop worrying about what anyone else is doing and pave your own path of rebellion. This care-free attitude will help you focus on being the best yogi you can be.

7. Set The Bar For Self-Acceptance

You might just inspire someone in your class who isn’t a size-2 to lose the layers too.

8. You’re Making A Statement

Show those around you -- whether at home or at a class -- that the old standard of beauty just doesn’t apply to you.

9. It Shows Vulnerability

Going shirtless shows that you are ready and willing to accept what the world is dishing out.

10. Give A Few Less F***s

You’ve got bigger fish to fry than to worry about what people are thinking of you!




My motivation is one less piece of clothing to wash

Marina February 16, 2018

Like naked yoga! ;) All 10 applies!

Ronald Field February 16, 2018

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