10 Tips to Make Your NEW Workout Routine Easier

Starting a new workout routine can suck. There. We said it. We own it and embrace it. When you first start to exercise, you will feel mentally and physically overwhelmed. You'll feel a little lost. You'll be pushed out of your comfort zone.

Of course, that's also the point. Working out is supposed to force you to get a least a smidge uncomfortable: this is when the good gains start coming.

All this said, there is no reason starting a new workout routine has to feel like a total trek through hell. Hard, yes, but it should never feel unbearable. If it is too tough to take, you're going to quit -- and quitting is going to put you right back to square one. Presumably, this is not where you want to be, or you wouldn't be trying something new.

Here are 10 incredible tips to help make the transition into a new routine less daunting in the short-term so you can be more successful in the long run.

1. Start at the Beginning

Obvious as this tip may seem, we often throw ourselves into the deep end of the ocean white squall and wonder why we're drowning. Whatever new activity you’re trying — yoga, cycling, HIIT, running, volleyball — you need to begin as a beginner.

This can be tough, especially if you’re adept at other activities, but as any strong man who has jumped into an advanced yoga class can tell you, it’s wise to recognize your weaknesses.

2. Prepare for the Pain

Advil. Epsom salts. Golden milk. Ice packs. Get prepared for at least a little pain. You’re going to be working muscles you’ve never worked before, in ways you’ve never worked before. Don’t let it discourage you. Treat it like that relative you have to see during the holidays but don’t really want to: brace yourself, slap a smile on your face and muscle through it.

The pain, like your pervy Uncle Ron, will go away. The knowledge that you got through it: that’s yours forever, and the confidence that comes with that knowledge will empower you through future challenges.

3. Get Equipped

Ever try to cycle without a bike? Or even do yoga without a mat or HIIT without at least some form of gear? When you start a new activity you will either absolutely need or at least benefit from some form of equipment. This gear exists to help you get the most from your workouts, and if you’re not seeing all the perks your form of exercise promises, you’re not going to persevere. Invest in some quality equipment to help you stick with it. You’re worth it!

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4. Community Support

You can’t always count on your friends and family to support your goals. You tell them you’re trying to eat healthier and workout, and they’re dropping by with baklava and asking you to sacrifice your gym time to help them move. It happens. While you can certainly hope your loved ones are on board with your mission, have back up support, like the BodyRock Insiders group. You need people who share the same goals as you. They will help guide you, motivate you and keep you accountable  — and you can do the same for them.

5. Schedule the Time!

Time for your new workout routine won’t miraculously fall into your lap. If it did, you would have probably started by now. Make the time to workout. Schedule it in your phone or your day planner. Barring a life-altering emergency, don’t compromise it for anything.

6. Deprioritize Non-Essentials

Making time for a new routine likely means you won’t be able to do something else you usually do, whether it’s sitting on the couch watching season 4 of Outlander or playing Fortnight under your kid’s account — and that’s fine. Your health is essential: these things are not. There is always time for fitness, especially considering you can get a kickass workout in as little as 12 minutes, so don’t make excuses. Ditch, or at the very least rearrange, the non-essential ‘commitments’ and make time for yourself.

7. Sleep!

Even if you’re not waking up at the crack of dawn to workout, proper sleep has been shown to improve your willpower, focus and (of course) energy throughout the day. Don’t assume just because you don’t workout in the AM that you don’t need to get to bed at a reasonable time. The exact amount of sleep required for optimal health is still contested, but most experts agree to aim for 7-9 hours.

8. Do the Duds!

Studies show what you wear can increase your confidence, and that dressing for a role can help you perform better. Want to perform like a fitness pro? Then dress like one! Go shopping for incredible athletic clothing that makes you feel great about yourself. It will be one of the best investments you’ll make in your health and happiness.

9. Enlist Professional Help

You don’t have to hire a personal trainer to the stars, but you should get some help from a professional fitness instructor. Even if it’s a professional fitness instructor on YouTube. Or SweatFlix. Just don’t go it alone. That’s how people get hurt, stop working out, and never start again.

10. Do What You Love

Listen, life is full of things we have to do and don’t want to. Your workout shouldn’t be one of them. Sure, they will be some days you feel less inspired than others, but on the whole, you should look forward to your sweat sesh. If you don’t — if you’re dreading the very idea of training to the extent you’re considering stopping working out all together  — then set your sights on something else. Rock climbing isn’t for everyone. Team sports aren’t for everyone. Running isn’t for everyone. Burpees aren’t for everyone. Either switch the activity all together or swap out an exercise you hate for one about which you feel less disdain.

You’ve read this far, which means you’re motivated AF and ready to tackle your new challenge. Drop us a line if you need help. Join the BodyRock Insiders group on Facebook. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram (@bodyrockofficial). We’re here for you in the beginning and at every stage in your fitness journey!

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Thanks for this article. Very informative and timely in my situation where i am thinking of starting yoga. Your HIIT Max videos are great. I was able to do it. And now im mixing those workout according to my preference. Thank you much.

Moises espiritu November 10, 2018

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