10 Women reveal why they want to lose weight. 

We asked 10 women who are BodyRockPlus.com subscribers and streaming our Introduction to Strength Training Bootcamp why they want to lose weight. Their answers might surprise you.

Woman stretching

Life doesn't end at 50. 

I’m 53 years old and refuse to be someone that just gives up on themselves. I know a lot of women (and men) that hit 50 and just stopped everything. I’ve heard younger women say things like “I can’t wait to be 50 and not have to care anymore”. I’m here because life doesn't end at 50, and I’m not willing to give up on myself - ever. 

BodyRocker Cynthia M.

I want to prevent diseases.

I lost my mother to Cancer when I was in my early twenties. She was a fighter until the end. She was so brave in her final days, looking after us, even as she lay dying. I feel like I owe it to her, and myself to be a fighter when it comes to my own health and longevity. When I train, I feel like she's right there with me. 

BodyRocker Emily. 

Woman exercising with BodyRockPlus

I want to set an example for my kids. 

I wasn’t ever athletic as a kid. I didn’t play sports. Some of my siblings were encouraged in that way, but I was not. I was always the last picked in games, and I stood huddled with the other girls during gym class. I didn’t have anyone that encouraged me to move, and no one taught me that I was capable. I had to find all of that as an adult, and I don’t want my kids to grow up without the advantages that fitness gives people. I want to give them the awareness that I didn’t get growing up. I want them to feel strong and confident. 

BodyRocker Mel B. 

changing room

I hate changing rooms. 

I hate the feeling of picking up something off the rack that I’m excited to try on, only for it not to fit me properly. I want to enjoy shopping again - without the guilt, anxiety and frustration that I currently always feel.

BodyRocker Natalie

I want to stop hiding. 

For the last ten years or so, I’ve been dressing to hide myself. Every clothing purchase has been about covering myself up or trying to hide how big I’ve gotten. Everytime I get dressed I feel like I’m trying to camouflage myself. I’m emotionally exhausted. I just got to the point where I wanted to be free more than I wanted to hide. It was less stressful and less emotionally painful to just decide to do it. 

BodyRocker Tammy

woman running

I want to be independent.

My mother was overweight most of her life. As she got older, she became obese. Watching her mobility decline over the last 5 years has been really hard. I always tried to encourage her to be more mindful of her health, but nothing that I said or did made much of an impact. Watching her struggle with basic movement now is heartbreaking. We can’t spend time together like we used to, because stairs and walking have become difficult for her to manage. The thought of not being able to move and get around terrifies me. 

BodyRocker Courtney.

career woman

I want to push my career.

I’m determined to reach a ‘director’ level position in the next 6-12 months, and I want to clean up and align every area of my life around this goal. If I can be a ‘director’ of marketing, then I can also be in the best shape I can be. It made sense for me to get my health, mind and body primed for what I’m going after. 

BodyRocker Jen

I want to live with less fear.

Too many times in my life fear has held me back. There are so many things I could have done or should have done. My weight and my fear have always gone hand in hand to hold me back. I want to empower that part of me that wants to say YES to things. I want to give her more confidence and courage. 

BodyRocker D.  

Woman stretching

I want to show them what I’m made of. 

There is someone in my life that has always made me feel badly about my weight. I know that I’m supposed to want to do this for myself, but honestly, this is what got me motivated, and thinking about this person is all I need to keep myself on track. Where I used to find pain, now I find power. This b*tch is not going to get the best of me. 

BodyRocker Brigit.

I want to know what it feels like NOT to...

Lame answer maybe, but I just want to know what it feels like to live life not thinking about being overweight. Not being worried about my health. Not having to say no to things that I would probably enjoy just because I'm feeling insecure. Not having the internal negative chatter all the time. I want to experience life without all of that. 

BodyRocker Sue. 

The Why.

Asking yourself why you want to lose weight will help you find the motivation to take action and start your fitness journey from a place of authenticity. Acknowledging why you want to change, and holding that awareness will keep you grounded and focused, and ultimately will help you to stay on track when things get challenging. Knowing the why is just as important as knowing the how, because you need both to achieve change and reach your goals. Remember, there are no wrong answers. 

The How.


All of the women that shared their responses for this post are currently members of our fitness streaming platform BodyRockPlus.com and are doing the Introduction to Strength Training Bootcamp. Perfect for beginners, this bootcamp teaches you basic strength exercises and will get you up and moving again. You can try this bootcamp, and all of our other programs for free with our 7 day free trial of BodyRockPlus.com 


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