12 Minute Abs & Ass HIIT Workout: BodyRock HIIT Workout #26

Hi BodyRockers,

Big welcome to everyone that is discovering this workout series, this is HIIT workout episode #26, of our BodyRock 12 Minute HIIT series.

Today’s workout is a lower body focused ‘Abs & Ass’ HIIT workout, that has some classic exercises from what Jessica calls ‘back in the day’. These are some foundational moves that have stood the ultimate test of time because they are effective and they work. 

BodyRock HIIT Workout #26 Jessica

The first move is a move that Jessica absolutely hated when she started to train, and I’m sharing this because she mentions it in the video (video is below), but also because most of us have exercises that we can’t stand or even hate. This is usually because it’s hard, or because we feel insecure about doing them.

BodyRock HIIT Workout #26 Jessica

Ok, please pay attention to this next part. Life is exactly the same way, we tend to avoid situations that are challenging, preferring to take the past of least resistance. Unfortunately, every time we take the easy way, we start to get soft, lose our edge, we get weak. When your inner voice starts talking you down, when what you should be doing is standing up, then start catching it - and turning it into an alert that you need to step forward in your life into your challenges. Leaning into a hated exercise is just a living metaphor for stepping up, and into, the rest of your life. 

The Workout Format:

This HIIT workout consists of 4 exercises, that you will complete in 3 rounds of activity. There is 50 seconds of exercise, followed by 10 seconds of recovery. Follow along with Jessica in the real-time video below, and work through each exercise and round with her. Listen for tips and cues, she will be going over proper form and giving performance tips as she leads you through the full 12 minutes. 

The Workout Gear: 

For today’s HIIT workout, Jessica is upping her calorie burn and optimizing her fat loss by automatically injecting resistance and strength training into her workout by wearing weights.

Jessica BodyRock HIIT Workout #26

Jessica is wearing the BodyRock Weighted HIIT Exercise Vest (6lbs version), and she is also using her HIIT Wrist Weights (2lbs each) in what we call the ‘Fighter Grip’.

HIIT Wrist Weights, Fighter Grip

Optionally she could have opted to wear her HIIT Ankle Weights (2lbs each). We have a pretty spectacular summer promo, where you can get all 3 (Vest, Wrist, Ankle) for $99, plus for spending $99, you will get our HIIT skipping rope and hard case (regularly $79.99) for….free. You can check out this insane deal here

 Wearable Weights HIIT Workout Collection.

HIIT Workout #26 Exercise Breakdowns: 

Exercise #1: Lateral / Side Lunges. 

Lateral side lunge exercise  

Exercise #2: Good Mornings.  

Good Mornings Abs and Glutes Exercise

Good Morning Exercise

Good Morning Exercise

Exercise #3: Classic Leg Raises from ‘back in the day’. 

Classic Leg Raise Exercise

Classic Leg Raise Exercise

Exercise #4: Dead Bugs. 

Dead Bugs Core Exercise

Dead Bugs Core Exercise  

The Full HIIT Workout Video: Hit play and follow Jessica through this full 12 Minute HIIT workout. 

Congratulations, you just smashed BodyRock HIIT Workout #26!!!

Jessica BodyRock HIIT Workout #26

It was tough, if you felt challenged, congratulate yourself to holding the line, staying consistent and getting it done….

 BodyRock HIIT Workout #26 Jessica

But how epic does it feel now that you have your workout done?!?

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