12-Minute Medicine Ball Workout for GREAT ABS

So you want a great medicine ball workout for abs but you've only got a little time? We've got you covered! This three move sweat 'sesh will hit your entire core to give you a stronger, more sculpted midsection in just 12 minutes.

That's right: just 12 minutes.

Using compound moves, this workout uses the unique functionality of the medicine ball to work multiple muscle groups at the same time, while also improving your endurance, coordination and balance to give you a beautiful burn in less time than it takes to reload your dishwasher—the right way.

You won't get the same results with any other piece of equipment. Medicine balls increase athletic performance, accuracy and body awareness, making them one of the very best pieces of gear for training your core.

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12-Minute Medicine Ball Workout for Amazing Abs

Do each of these moves in succession and repeat the whole circuit FOUR times, working for 50 seconds and resting for 10 seconds.

Cross-Body Lunge

Ball Pass

Squat & Press


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