20-Minute Full-Body Beginner Workout (Equipment Optional!)

You've got serious fit goals but you're also short on time. We get it. That's why we've created this short, sweet and sweaty 20-minute full-body workout beginner workout. In a third of an hour, you can strengthen and sculpt your beautiful body and get a healthy hit of feel good endorphins that'll help you feel as phenomenal as you really are all day.

That's the beauty of high-intensity interval training: you don't need a lot of time to get the results you're after. In fact, time and time again, HIIT workouts have been shown to be just as effective—if not more effective—than longer, lower intensity workouts.

Recent studies have also shown that interval training helps us not only maintain, but even develop better bone strength as we age. After all, looking good is only one reason to workout. The reason most of us continue to work out is because of how living an active, strong AF life makes us feel.

So, are you ready to power up and pound out this 20-minute full-body beginner workout?

Of course you are. Keep reading.

20-Minute Full-Body Beginner Workout

One of the best things about this 20-minute full body beginner workout is that you don't need the equipment used by BodyRock Trainer (and busy mom of three!) Jessie. But make no mistake: the equipment WILL make the workout more effective.

We've selected gear for this sweat 'sesh that’s extremely versatile: our weighted speed rope, dumbbells and weighted vest. In fact, we'd argue that these three pieces of gear are the founding trifecta of any home gym—and that if you only had this gear, you'd still be getting killer home workouts for years.

Our weighted speed rope is amazing for building agility and coordination while also creating a stronger cardiovascular system and burning major calories. (Even more than running!)

Our dumbbells are a classic, allowing you to perform isolated or compound moves, and also allowing  you to train bilaterally (both sides of your body) or unilaterally (one side of your body). The result is a body with a healthier muscle mass, stronger ligaments and tendons and less stressed joints. (And yeah, you'll look sculpted AF too.)

Finally, the weighted vest. Our weighted vest comes in four different weights (we recommend starting at 6lbs) and offers wicked-good hands-free training. Just clip it on and use it for squats, lunges, planks, push-ups and cardio. You'll instantly increase the amount of resistance your body has to work against, so it doesn't matter whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or just live a fitter life, the weighted vest is an easy and affordable way to crush your goals.

You can get all our gear here for great prices. 

Full-Body Beginner Workout: PRESS PLAY!

Our 20-minute full-body beginner workout consists of four exercises in a circuit, and you'll do the circuit five times. Start with the first exercise, working for 50 seconds, resting for 10 seconds, and then move on to the next move.

You got this. PRESS PLAY!

High-Knees Skipping

Note: if you don't have the weighted speed rope, you can just do the high knees. 

Squat Mash-Up

Note: If you don't have the dumbbells or vest, you can do this with body weight alone.

Jumping Jacks

Bent-Over Back Fly

Note: If you don't have the dumbbells or vest, you can do this with a couple of bottles of water.

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