20 Minute Home Booty Workout for Busy Moms

Even the busiest of moms can carve out 20 minutes a few times a week to smash out this 20 minute home booty workout. It's designed for moms, by moms, using minimal equipment.

This workout is from our TrailBlazer series on BR+ and is hosted by BodyRock Trainer Tammy. All you need is a Step Riser (or any safe, stable raised stepping surface) and a little motivation. Here’s some right now: get a FREE trial of BR+ when you start now! In addition to this series, you’ll get access to 1000s of other workouts for all body parts and all fitness levels.


These moves work your body using powerful, fat-burning and muscle-building compound movements, cardio to ramp up calorie burn, and unilateral exercises to promote a body that's functionally strong and looks amazing. 

Learn more: The Anatomy of a Perfect Booty.

20 Minute Home Booty Workout

Here's how it works: you're going to work your hardest for 25 seconds intervals and then take 15 seconds of rest. Tammy provides easy modifications to so you can make adjust the workout to your fitness level.

Even if you've never worked out before, you can do this home booty workout. We promise. Just take a deep breath and press play!


25 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. Do each two exercise superset two times. 

Superset 1:

Alternating Step Up with Glute Kick Back


Superset 2:

Elevated Bridge Abduction


Superset 3:

Glute Kick Back (L)


Glute Kick Back (R)


Superset 4:

Bear Crawl + Pike + Kick (Alternating)


Bear Crawl + Pike + Kick (Alternating)


Superset 5:

Single-Leg Burpee (L)


Single-Leg Burpee (R)


Superset 6:

Squat to Lateral Step Up 



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