24-Minute Squat Bow Resistance Band Upper Body Workout

If you’re looking for a resistance band upper body workout that’ll have you feeling the burn for days, then try this sweat ‘sesh. In just 24-minutes, your arms, shoulders, back, and chest will be on FIRE, increasing your post-exercise calorie burn while also bringing you one step closer to the sexy, sculpted and strong AF upper body you’ve always wanted.

Get Next-Level Resistance Band Upper Body Workout with the Squat Bow

The Squat Bow is versatile, compact, can work every single major muscle group in your body, and packs instantly adjustable resistance in the form of four robust double-wall latex bands. This is gear that can grow with your gains, which is why it’s already one of our best-selling pieces of equipment. 

We love it for upper-body training in particular because it provides continuous resistance, forcing your body to work during the push and pull, lift, and lower stages of each exercise. This means your biceps, triceps, back, chest and shoulders will work harder and get that definition so many of us crave. Bring home your bow now!

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The 24-Minute Squat Bow Resistance Band Upper Body Workout

Do each workout for 45 seconds, rest for 15 and then move on to the next move. Complete the whole circuit four times. 

Squat + Press


Chest Press

Underhand Bent Over Row

One Arm Shoulder Press


Seated Row

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