3 Amazing (And Free!) Booty Building Workouts!

To celebrate Butt Week here at BodyRock, we're sharing three FREE booty building workouts. We know the butt can be the bane of one's training existence. The glute muscles, while the most powerful in the body, can also be stubborn to whip into shape. And let's face it: not all of us are born with a butt like JoLo.

But while we're facing that, let's also embrace this: the butt you were born with is beautiful too. So, let's also stop comparing ourselves to other people and start training for our strongest, most booty-ful bods.

Smash out these workouts anytime you feel you (or your butt) needs a lift. They incorporate the three basic tenets of a great booty workout:

  • Exercise variety
  • Slow and fast-twitch muscle training (high reps lower weight and low reps higher weight)
  • Superficial and deep muscle activation

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Bodyweight Booty 


No gear? No problem. Smash out this incredible bodyweight butt workout with BodyRock Trainer Matthew.

Want to accelerate your results? Grab a weighted vest and instantly add hands-free resistance that will help you build your booty.

Beginner Butt Workout


This is the workout for you if you’re new to training and wanting to supercharge your booty gains. Fast and effective, this sweat ‘sesh will light a fire under your butt...in the best possible way. 

Butt Lift HIIT Workout


Got booty goals? Denetra’s got your back(side). Join her for this uplifting and addictively fun butt workout. Ideal for intermediate to advanced fitness levels. 

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