3 Exercises to Amp Up Your Push-Ups

You've mastered the basic push-up. You can smash 'em out in your sleep and you eat 'em for breakfast. Amazing! Now, you've gotta up the ante if you want to keep seeing gains, cause once you're knocking out push-ups like Taylor Swift singles, your body is going to start getting bored of them and you will plateau.

It happens. Plateaus are part of any long-term fitness regime, and thankfully, they're easy enough to break. One of the best ways to do this is to simply take things up a notch. This does not necessarily mean you have to workout longer, but simply with more intensity.

So, let's crank it! Here are three push-up variations that will challenge your push-up performance. Featuring unilateral training to promote total body strength and balance, plyometrics to enhance calorie burn and muscle gains, and combo moves to increase coordination and agility, these moves will help you build a stronger, leaner body.

Try 'em out!

Bear Tricep Push-Up + Kick Up

Tips: Keep the weight firmly in your upper body & your core engaged. Grab a weighted vest for maximum results. The more weight you can work against, the greater the lean muscle gains.

Spider Push-Up

Tips: Try to keep foot off the ground the whole time for maximum challenge. Don’t forget your weighted vest.  

Push-Up + Leg Jumps

Tips: Use core to control the leg jumps and try to land your hands softly on the Challenger Minis.

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