3 Moves to Train Your Lower Abs

The lower section of your tummy is a pain point for many people. Years of under-training, overeating and other poor lifestyle habits have a way of hitting you right below the belt. It's infuriating, especially since you can't spot-train that weight away. That's right: you can't do crunches or planks and expect the weight in your midsection to magically shrink away.

Sorry, but it's true. No amount of training your lower abs (or any part of your abs) will help if you have fat covering your taut tummy. So, what you have to do is lose fat from all over your body, while also developing strong stomach muscles so that when you do shed the weight, you have the tone to show for it.

How do you do this?

Easy. Read on. Here's an incredible fat burning circuit that hones in on your lower abs to help you score the lean gains your after.

Lower Ab Exercises to Blast Fat & Build Lean Muscle Mass

Add any of these moves to your next sweat ‘sesh, or perform them as a circuit for insane targeted lower ab training. Do the entire circuit 4 times through, working for 50 seconds and resting for 10 between sets.

Challenger Mini Mix Up

This move works your abs, your hip flexors as well as your arms and shoulders, building lean muscle mass in multiple parts of your body while really hitting your lower abs, hard. Be sure to grab your Challenger Minis to get the most out of this exercise.

Oblique Hip Flexes

Nail your obliques, arms and lower abs while also working balancing and stabilizing muscles with this single move. The unilateral training also helps to promote balance between opposite sides of your body, forcing your weaker side to carry its own weight, without the help of the dominant side.

Suitcase Crunch

Shoulders, back, arms, abs and hips: this move hits them all. Really load up with your barbell to get the max muscle gains that'll really help you torch fat.

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