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August 17, 2018 3 min read

The push-up. It's an undeniably classic compound movement that can totally transform your upper body and seriously strengthen your core. It's also a move that can get old once it’s been mastered. This is why we're always changing it up, infusing new life into the quintessential push-up with amazing variations. One of our fave push-up mix-ups?

The decline push-up!

Decline Angle, Increased Resistance

All push-ups work your chest (pectorals), back (rhomboids and latissimus dorsi), arms (especially triceps) and shoulders (deltoids), but the decline push-up really hones in on your upper chest and anterior (front) deltoids. You still get core training, and the backs of your arms and your back muscles will still get a workout, but by elevating your feet, you're changing up the main, activated muscles.

Because your feet are elevated while performing a decline push-up, you're working against even more of your own bodyweight, making it harder, and more effective for people who are finding regular push-ups too easy.

So, you want to step up your push-up game, but what do you step up onto?

It could be a step riser, a bench, stairs, a chair, or, if you want to really challenge your core stabilizing muscles, a balance trainer or stability ball. The higher the surface, the harder the push-up. It’s important to select a surface that’s going to be challenging, but not so challenging it’s impossible or dangerous. Your choice has to synch up with your abilities.

A Surface of Choice

One of our favorite pieces of equipment to use is a Challenger Mini. This is a great option for people who are new to this move, offering a safe, stable and solid place to rest their feet while also offering a modest rise. It’s not insanely high (and therefore, discouragingly hard), but it’s not so minor that you won’t be challenging yourself.

What’s more, you can use the Challenger Mini for a seriously impressive spread of other moves that will strengthen and sculpt your whole body. Here are just a few of the fat-blasting possibilities.

Let’s recap. Here’s why you need to incorporate decline push-ups into your workout:

  1. Target anterior deltoids & upper pectorals
  2. Increase upper body strength & tone
  3. Increase resistance

And what’s happens when we increase resistance? We build more muscle and increase our overall fat burn. Score!

And here’s why you should try an decline push-up using a Challenger Mini:

  1. Safe and stable surface
  2. Solid starting decline
  3. Wide application for other exercises

Get your Challener Mini now!


How to do a decline push-up:

  1. Place your hands on the floor in front of you, slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.
  2. Place your feet directly behind you on a raised surface.

  3. Make sure your spine is straight and long: your hips should not sag toward the floor but should be lifted parallel to the ground.

  4. Lower yourself, stopping just before your chest hits the floor.

  5. Push up. Keep a soft-bend in your elbow at the top of this movement. Locking your elbow will not only put stress in the joint, but it will take the work away from your muscles, which is where you need it if you want to see the good gains.

  6. Repeat. Do as many as you can, and build up your strength overtime.

That's it! Check out how to do this push-up  — and others — in this video and keep the results coming!

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