3 Resistance Band Moves for Beginners

Resistance bands are probably not the first things that come to mind when we think about weight-based training, but they are one of the most effective pieces of equipment for your muscles. Training with resistance bands boast a bevy of amazing benefits, including:

  • Resistance in multiple directions forcing your muscles to exert effort during the full range of movement.
  • Being easy to store. Resistance bands take up very little space.
  • Being cost-effective. Compared with most training equipment, resistance bands are extremely affordable. Most cost $20 or less.
  • Provide compact transport for working out on-the-go.
  • Allow you to combine bands with other equipment, like weighted vests, barbells or stability balls to add variety and intensity to your workout.
  • Offer both targeted resistance training for things like bicep curls or tricep extensions and compound resistance training that targets three or more muscle groups, like squats and presses and lunges and flyes.

You can do just about any classic resistance bearing exercise with bands, and while this is definitely an attractive perk, if you’re a beginner, it can also be an intimidating one.

If you fall into the category of beginners and don’t know where to start, read on. Here are three amazing moves to help you strengthen and sculpt your body with resistance bands. Best of all, these are moves that will also get your heart rate up, so you’ll burn more calories while building the muscle required to torch fat not only during your workout, but for hours after.

For an amazing 12 minute HIIT workout, combine these moves in a circuit. Do each for 50 seconds, rest for 10 and then move on to the next. Repeat the cycle 4 times.

3 Resistance Band Moves for Beginners

Resistance Chest Fly

This exercise works your chest, shoulders and triceps. When you keep your hips lifted, it also strengthens your lower back, glutes and gives you a stronger, sexier core.

We use The Pink Thing for instantly adjustable resistance.

Standing Bicep Hold Jump Over

This move gets your heart rate up while building serious muscle in your lower body and arms. Your butt, biceps and thighs will be on fire. Be sure to keep your back flat  — no slouching — and your chest lifted. This will not only help focus the brunt of work in your lower body where it belongs, but it will help prevent injuries while strengthening your core.

We use The Pink Thing to max out your legs and glutes and Booty Bands for extra training for your abductors (outer thighs). Grab the Booty Band Bundle for resistance that not only grows with your gains, but can swap out to target the many smaller, stabilizing muscles of the glutes and hips. It’s important to strengthen all these muscles to build a more well-rounded rear.

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Seated Shoulder Press + Tricep Extension

We love this killer combo for it’s dual core and upper body blast. Be sure to sit up straight and tall for best results. Also, take your time with the movement. Rushing can result in injury.

We use The Pink Thing for that convenient, adjustable resistance and easy grip.


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